Labor Day Weekdend- What are your plans?

Please wake me up when September ends because I’m ready for fall to begin. Summer ending is like different feeling this year, but maybe because I worked every day, I just feel exhausted. So, it’s finally September, Labor Day weekend is coming up. I got four days off to get some work done on my novel, or go on a date, or be a couch potato and binge watch Korean Drama all day long. I’ve worked hard all summer and deserve a fun, relaxing time. Yet, I can be productive for Labor Day weekend, right? Many events are happening, including sales and more sales but, I know some ways I can have fun for the upcoming weekend.

Attend a College Football Game (most college football season starts in September).

college football

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I am not really a school spirit person but always enjoyed spending time attending college football games during the fall semester. It’s a great relaxing experience if you’re not yelling at the coach for a foul play or anything. I just dress up in my school colors and, cheer for a touchdown. Also, since school has started for college students, this is a great way to spend time with your family while they are visiting you early in the semester. Attending a college football game is a great way for your parents to see how you are doing, see your environment, and give you money for snacks cause I know you ate up all those Cheetos chips.

Go shopping for Makeup

sephora makeup

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I am a makeup fanatic and guilty as charged for looking at Tutorials on the latest smokey eye looks with new palettes out for the summer. In essence, I shouldn’t be buying more makeup but, Too Faced launch their anniversary collection and I am dying to own Urban Decay’s “Born to Run” eyeshadow palette. Luckily, Sephora is having an Appreciation sale for all Beauty Insiders.
The event lasts from August 24-September 3, 2018.

Visit the 36th Annual Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival (if you live in the surrounding area).

zydeco (This picture is from Google Images.)

In Louisiana, Cajun Music is very popular among every other genre. Since researching new music, bands, and musicians, I am learning about the influence of Zydeco music in the south. So many famous men and women are currently big-time famous artist that is from Louisiana. I encourage anyone to take a road trip down to Louisiana and visit the music festival. The event begins Saturday, September 1, 2018, from 7:00 am-11:45 pm in Opelousas, Louisiana. If you like a taste of Southern music, Zydeco is the way to go! The schedule starts off with a Big Zydeco Parade that passes through downtown Opelousas to the Zydeco breakfast at the Courthouse. Then, everyone travels to the Yambilee Festival Grounds, where the event is held for the festival.


At the end of the day, you can spend your Labor Day weekend however you want. Whether it’s family time or alone time, hard-working Americans deserve this break from nagging consumers, overbearing bosses, and working beyond your limitations. For the overachievers, this weekend is for you too, have fun but safe fun this weekend. Additionally, if you live in Louisiana, check out some of these events and add them to your schedule of fun.

labor day flag

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