Meditation Apps To Try

Welcome to the continuation of the previous article “Why You Should Start Meditating”. As mentioned in the above, there are various tools that you can use to guide you through your meditations. You can do them by yourself, with the help of youtube videos or with the help of apps. Speaking of apps, there are four of them that can help tremendously with the process of training your mind to achieve the goals that you have set. These apps are Primed Mind, Simple Habits, Headspace and Calm.

Primed Mind


Primed Mind is a unique app on this list when it comes to the usual calm and mellow atmosphere of meditation tracks. This app features a premium feature where you can either pay monthly or yearly which would allow you to access locked tracks however this is not the unique aspect of the app. When it comes to actually listening to the tracks, in nature they take you through a transformative experience where listening to just one would lead you to become rejuvenated in such a refreshing way. The calming soothing voice at the beginning of each track tempts you to close your eyes and melt into the couch or bed that you are using for your destined meditation place. After using various forms of imagery to help you achieve a nice relaxed state such as having you image walking down 10 steps of stairs and becoming more relaxed with each step, he begins to start the mental process of subconsciously training you to achieve what you desire. For example, if one of the tracks deals with procrastination, he will have you imagine different scenarios in where you could obtain what you want if only you would have stayed focus. Then as the track ends, his voice rises in a determined and firm way that helps to really seal the deal and you awaken from your relaxed state clear minded and energized.

Simple Habit


Much like Primed Mind, this app also features a premium feature where you can pay either one time or monthly to gain access to exclusive sets. This app is organized in a way where most of the guided meditation tracks are apart of a set/playlist. Luckily, each track is usually five minutes long so that makes going through the collection a bit more manageable. When it comes to listening to the tracks, it is important to note that there is a unique feature where you can tap on a button and it allows for background noises that are usually nature sounds to appear. This really helps to fill in the emptiness of the track and allow for deeper relaxation to occur. This app also features certified meditation teachers so you know that you are in good hands during the meditation practices. If you don’t really want to listen to someone talk to you while you look deep within yourself, there are also tracks with just white noises such as birds chirping or water flowing that you can listen to instead. After each meditation session with this app, you will emerge relaxed and calm.



Headspace has two things that every meditation app should have. One of those things is a little get to know you quiz when you first download and use the app. This quiz , of about five questions, allows the app to know why you are trying headspace and if you are a beginner to meditation. After the quiz is completed, it gives you an option to start meditating and or to explore the app. With the questions that were asked the app is now personalized to suit your needs when it comes to meditation. The second thing that this app has is a “basics” set. With this set, it has 10 sessions of meditation that you can go through along with the ability to adjust how long each set it (from as short as 3 minutes to 10 minutes) in order to teach you the basics of meditation. This app, like many others, has different categories that you can choose from to make an even deeper personalization when it comes to the meditation tracks that you listen to.



This app is a multi-tool that people can use not just for meditating but for other purposes that will leave the user relaxed. This app has bedtime stories that you can listen to help you fall asleep and or soothing music that you can play to either achieve the same effect or to create a sensation of peace. The meditation part of this app has a plethora of sessions that you can indulge into your heart’s desire that will leave you nice, relaxed and calm: Which is probably why the app is called Calm. This app is great if all you are looking for is a way to relax and nothing more.

In conclusion, if you are looking for meditation sessions that leave you inspired and energized, Primed Mind is your best bet. If you want an app that can show you the ropes to meditation, then go on ahead and download Headspace. If you need to feel calm and relaxed then luckily for you there is the app Calm. If you would love some background sounds to your meditation sessions or simply white noise to aid you then Simple Habit is the one for you.

As always, Happy Meditating.


4 comments on “Meditation Apps To Try

  1. i’ve tried headscape before and i quite liked it but wasn’t committed enough to do it work a long time, need to get back to meditating! also i’m a new blogger and would be so grateful if you could check out my posts. thanks x


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