I’m going Home, I’m going Home

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Yay! It’s finally Fall and that means one thing, Homecoming Week. Most high schools and colleges are rolling out the events for Homecoming for all current students and alumni to enjoy. Since the beginning of Fall, I’ve been dying to get my winter gear out: sweaters, ugg boots, and pumpkin spice lattes all around. Yet, while being an adult is great, I do miss the festivities of Homecoming in school. Being an alumnus, I can only go to the football games. Many students take Homecoming for granted once they graduate. The adult world is a bit dull and boring unless your family has season football tickets and tailgates every home game, then, your life is more exciting than mine. Regardless, its Homecoming season and everyone should get in the festive mood. Or, at least use this time as an excuse to get out the house one weekend. College Homecoming is different than High School, but the different age groups can still find amusement during this time.

High School

Homecoming-spirit-week-flyer Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom

(High School Homecoming Images from Google images)

Homecoming for High Schoolers is so much fun. Spirit Week (different themes), Homecoming football game, and the Homecoming dance. I remember my girls and I would chat constantly about what hairstyles we are getting, or the color of our dresses. Almost everyone participated in Spirit Week where every day was a different theme and the dress code did not exist for an entire week. So many costumes, both creative and original, this time of the year is the best for any high school student. For this reason, every Alumni should revisit their high school whether good meteorites or not, and remember who he or she was as a child and the adult in the present day.


baylor university

(Sample of a Homecoming Parade from Baylor University. This image is from google images)

In College, a person has more freedom than in high school. The Homecoming experience is less fun, without the dance, and the anticipation is nearly forgotten for current students. They are focused on midterms and debating whether to drop a class or not, but for everyone else, it’s time to drink and party. If a student makes time to attend any Homecoming events, he or she can go to the pep rally, football tailgating experience & parade (if your school has one), and lastly, the football game.

Safety Precautions


(google images)

Watch out for drunk people, avoid bar rooms after a college home game, leave early to avoid the thick crowds of ongoing traffic, use protection everyone, etc.

As a result, Homecoming can make anyone feel nostalgic. The days in high school or college are far behind most of us now and we take for granted those memories. Therefore, everyone has no shame to visit your old high school or college during Homecoming week. This time is meant for you.