Boost Your Productivity With These Apps

It’s getting harder and harder each day to beat procrastination. Trust me I know. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your phone and tell yourself that you’ll only be on Instagram or Twitter for “5 minutes”. Soon those 5 minutes turn into 5 hours and you’ve added other apps into the mix to keep you from doing your work. Maybe you saw an Instagram post about a Youtube video and now you’re on Youtube watching videos on videos and then you see an ad for a new T.V Show on Netflix, and I’m pretty sure you get the point by now. Well, what if you could use your phone as a productivity booster instead of a productivity drainer. Here are three apps that if used together can boost your productivity exponentially.


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Remente is an app that has been featured in various publications such as The Guardian with good reason. This app has various features that help you stay on track with what you need to be doing and even improve your ability to do your work. In Remente, you have the option to set up goals that you can title whatever you want so if your goal is to lose weight then you would title that goal “Losing Weight”. After that, you have the option to set up steps within that goal which helps to break it down and seem more attainable. So under the goal losing weight, you could add steps such as “Work out 2 days a week” or “Have vegetable for dinner 5 days a week”. Within these little steps, you can even add descriptions detailing what you need to do even more. This app also has little articles that you can read that cover various topics like lifestyle, business, social activities and so much more.


A great aspect of this app that a lot of the other “productivity” or “goal setting” apps don’t have is that it has mood trackers and the ability to have you rate various aspects of your life. When it comes to rating your life, there will be a circle that’s split up into 8 sections. These sections are titled, romance, family, money, friends, etc. In each of those sections you can rate from 1-10 how your life is going in terms of those sections and after you finish rating all of them you’ll be able to see that graph filled up. This gives you the opportunity to see what areas in your life are lacking which would lead to you being able to fix those areas, become more refreshed, which will mean that you will work better. If you feel good you’ll most likely work well. When it comes to the mood tracker, the app asks you how you felt today and why you felt that way thus essentially keeping a diary. With this, you can look back on the days that you felt bad, why you felt bad, and learn what to avoid to prevent having bad days.



This app’s main purpose is to serve as a mood tracker. Now although Remente does have a mood tracker, this app has more features when it comes to tracking your mood and why you felt a certain way on a day. The features that help accomplish this is that you can create moods that aren’t already present in the app. For example, let’s say that you felt maybe tired a certain day, you can create a mood and title it “tired” instead of using the default mood titled “bad”. This app also has the option for you to add little icons that tell you what you did a certain day. So let’s say that on Friday you felt great and you exercised, well you’d be able to put down an icon that looks like weights that is titled exercising. Along with the moods, you’ll also have the opportunity to create activities. Similar to Remente, you can also write down why you felt what you did a certain day and you can even go back and edit it to add more or remove some of what you wrote.

Write A Day


If you want to be able to write stuff down without having to have the hassle of putting down your feelings, Write A Day is a great app that you can use. With Write A Day, you can have the opportunity to write multiple “journal” entries per day over whatever you wish to write about. You can use this app to serve as a timeline and write down what you were able to accomplish in a certain day and look back on it when you feel procrastination creeping up. This will be able to motivate you and get you out of your procrastination slumps.

How To Use All Three For Maximum Productivity

To use all three to boost your productivity to the max, you need to assign a purpose for each app. For Remente, you should use this app to look at your goals and the progress of it. For Daylio, you should use this app to keep track of your emotions that way you’ll be able to learn from them and control it better. For Writeaday you should use this app to write down your thoughts and your progress of your work that way you can go back and analyze your thoughts and get into a productive mindset again.

See you guys next time!

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