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Juvia’s Place? Or, Yours?

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Halloween is finally here. The eager ones who love to dress extra or show off exotic makeup looks can run free with their creativities this Fall. October is here and so many events are coming our way. But first, why not investigate what kind of makeup to use for your Halloween costumes. My advice is to check out Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palettes. For a while now, the buzz for Juvia’s Place products is increasing more and more, even so, they reach the stores of Ulta Beauty. Youtubers, beauty bloggers, and consumers have been experimenting with Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow palettes and they do not disappoint. Here’s why you should consider trying out Juvia’s Place makeup brand this Halloween season.


(Picture is from company website)

Why the name?

Juvia means:

  • A Brazilian name for the lofty myrtaceous tree (Bertholetia excelsa) which produces the large seeds known as Brazil nuts. (The Free Dictionary)
  • Strong willed, beautiful and extremely emotional. (Urban Dictionary)

Juvia’s Place is an indie brand started in 2012. The creators wanted to stick to their Caribbean Island roots, which is the inspiration for all their products. Their motto is to produce highly pigmented products at an affordable price for all diverse races.

Mouth-dropping Eyeshadow palettes

festival palette

(Juvia’s Place Twitter pictures: Festival eyeshadow palette)

The main three qualities of Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow palettes is known for: its character (Caribbean packaging and names), color choices, and high pigmentation. The list goes as Nubian, Nubian 2, masquerade, magic, Zulu, and Saharan. This list is from the bestselling bundle consumers can find on the Juvia’s Place website. The pricing for each eyeshadow palette ranges from $20-$25 dollars. Also, some bestseller palettes can be brought in a duo or bundle package.

Consumer responses

The overwhelming response by the beauty community absolutely adores Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow palettes. Mostly everyone has heard of them since 2017 when YouTube beauty bloggers reviewed their products, and the company continues to grow each year. Taken from their Instagram, Juvia’s Place repost almost everyone who tags them in their post wearing their makeup.


(Instagram picture showing off a consumer’s recreation of a makeup look using the “Zulu” eyeshadow palette with the comment section attached as well.)

Many women gather inspiration to create very exotic looks with any of the Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palettes. Halloween is approaching soon if anyone is looking for great makeup for Halloween, I suggest checking out Juvia’s Place to form your looks for any dance, treat or trick, and Halloween event.

Availability @ Ulta Beauty and Other Stores


(Instagram picture: @juviasplace)

Along with an early start on gathering new makeup, you don’t have to buy their products online anymore. Juvia’s Place and Ulta beauty have collaborated to bring their products to all Ulta Beauty stores. Yet, if you don’t have an Ulta store in your area, the link below will transfer you to a page that sales Juvia’s Place products internationally.

I wanna go to Juvia’s Place

I knew these indie makeup products deserve Recognition the moment I saw the buzz about them. Juvia’s Place is the company that challenges everyone into wearing colorful makeup looks. Ultimately, the nude/natural look is nice. The Naked palette by Urban Decay started that trend, but, everyone is copying and pasting each other’s products. In contrast, only the high-end products are alike, and the indie/drugstore products are putting out new, fresh makeup collection ideas. Alike Juvia’s Place, I’ve been dying to try more colorful looks and now there is a company who makes affordable makeup with electric eyeshadow products.

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