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First Hand Look At Mempho Fest 2018

Since its announcement, MNB has been gearing up to attend the 2nd annual Mempho Fest! Though the diverse line up is what drew me in attendance, I wanted to experience the art installments and a taste of unique food vendors. Y’all know I love nostalgic-like content -so, disposable camera pictures it is!


Shelby Farms isn’t unfamiliar to me, but I was curious to see how Mempho would set this up. I got up early, grabbed my two phones, my MNB mini binder, my water bottle, and headed out there at about 8:30 am just to try to get past the traffic and to figure out where parking was. Boy, am I glad I did. Though I was absolutely excited to attend, to learn that general admission parking was in a field and I had to walk to the entrance. I needed the exercise though so that was alright. Autozone provided buses to and from the entrance from this location so I didn’t walk back when it was over.

2018-10-06 09:02:07.208
General Admission Parking

What I loved the most is that there were no paper wristbands! You know the ones that take all your upper body strength to pull off. Yea -none of that. It was a “fancy-smancy” fabric with this badge that I just scanned to check in and out. Everybody’s wristband was unique with colors that meant different things -from general admission all the way to production.

2018-10-06 09:43:49.226


The unique Memphis food vendors left attendee with various choices of food like barbecue, chicken, seafood, beer, popsicles, and more! I opted for Fresh Gulf seafood and a strawberry Mempop to cool off in this Memphis heat.


The music line up for Mempho Fest was to paint a reflection of Memphis’ culture. An early performance that really stood out to me was Talibah Safiya -a Memphis native whose music reflects herself and her personal experiences.


Other performances I enjoyed included Milky Chance who loosened up the crowd. I talked to a few young high school students from Overton High School who told me that they were ONLY looking forward to seeing Janelle Monae and I couldn’t agree more. She to me, stole the show this night, and had the entire crowd in awe!




The festival itself was a big hit! Food, fun, and music in Memphis, TN. The only changes I recommend are cooling stations because the heat was almost unbearable.  Maybe those misty fans on each side of the park would be nice! I also enjoyed that there were two stages, but had trouble deciding which bands I wanted to see because I wanted to see them all.

Wanna know more about the artist that performed? Stay tuned for the MNB Mempho Playlist.

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