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Indie Alternatives in October

Since October came around, I’ve just been in the mood for all things spooky. Yet, my love for discovering new indie alternative doesn’t stop with my all time favorites. Lately, artists have been releasing new music, EPS, and making music videos like Paul Abrahamian and We Were Promised Jetpacks. Two new artists in my playlist and I want to introduce them to you.

1. Indie solo artist
Name: Paul Abrahamian

(Known from Big Brother TV show seasons 18 & 19)
(Google Images: his Big Brother Headshot picture)

Paul is America’s favorite Big Brother Villain, yet, he isn’t like his Big Brother persona at all in real life. Paul is passionate about music. He has his own band, clothing line, and continues to pursue more public appearances to promote his music. Over the past two years, He used his fame to promote his music and it worked. The past few months, he has been promoting his new EP, “Val Alden” on Twitter and is currently on a local tour.

paul music

(Twitter Image)

The first single of the album released in March 2018 called, “Bohème”. Other songs included are: “an (otherside)”, “Sinners”, “Never Die”, and lastly, “Other side”.

Link to new EP “Van Alden”

Overall opinion: I’ve always loved Paul as A Big Brother player and now, I know he makes music, makes me like him more. His voice is unique and worth checking out his music. Val Alden sounds like a personal album to the artist. We may not know him on struggles, but he lets about everything in his new EP.

Social media:
Twitter: @deadskulltweets @VanaldenMusic
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/vanaldenmusic/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vanaldenmusic/tracks

2. Indie rock/ alternative group

jetpacks logo

(Google Images)

On August 21, 2018, Kexp Radio Station did an interview with the indie rock band, We Were Promised Jetpacks on their new studio album. After reading the article, I wanted to check out newest single released, “Hanging In”. While listening to the song, I noticed how they stood out with the music structure of the song and watched how the story played out in the music video represented the song overall.

Album: “The More I Sleep The Less I Dream”

jetpack music
(Google Images)

Scottish indie rock band “We were promised Jetpacks”, is releasing a new album in September 2018. “The more I sleep, the less I dream” is the name of their new album with two singles already out, “Hanging In” and “Repeating Patterns”. Other songs included are “Impossible”, “In Light”, “Someone Else’s Problem”, “Make It Easier”, “Improbable”, “When I Know More”, “Not Wanted”, and lastly, “The more I sleep, the less I dream”.

Overall Opinion: This album is about taking a journey. A simple journey in life, or it could be abstract, but less likely. A second analysis is about the concept of individualism and breaking away from society standards. We are apart enough with isolation in friendships, relationships, and environmental conflicts. We Were Promised Jetpacks are teaching us life lessons through their music.

Social Media
Twitter @wwpj

As the year is coming to close, two months left, new music has opportunities to release. But, mainly, everyone is spending this time going on tour like the two indie artists. Tickets are available for each artist if anyone’s interested.


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