The ROI to Living Your Best Life

Before making investments, choosing campaign ideas, or making big business decisions – a term that will always stick out to me is ROI or Return on Investment. To make it less complicated, it simply means tracking inputs to determine if your marketing programs are working or if you need to catch up because you’re missing the big the picture.  I suddenly thought, Wow, how could we use this same method in our own lives? I did some research and discovered that you can track the ROI for your life to measure your overall happiness by creating a list in categories as you would for numbers in a marketing or business plan.

  1. Mind and Mental Health This category measures your knowledge, self-esteem, the way you think, fears, and overall mental fitness. You should be making an effort to read or to learn something new every day. If you experience anxiety, frequent daydreaming or trouble concentrating take time each day to nurture your soul by praying or meditating.  Ask yourself what you “self-talk” sounds like -is it positive or negative? Our minds can be our own worst enemies but if you control it the ROI you can find that our fears are based on our needs to survive.
  2.  Body This measures how you feel physically. Choose the best exercise methods that best work for your lifestyle and the best foods to input your body. Please drink water, get at least 8 hours of sleep for it is key to keep your stress level low and energy high. Baby steps though, you don’t want to make huge changes in your routine yet because it will not be sustainable. Little changes, in the beginning, will lead to a big ROI in your health.
  3. Social This measures interaction with your family, relationships, and friends. Are the people you have in your space adding to you or taking away from you? The people in your life should be helping you grow into a better human being. What you put in, is what you should be getting out.  When you invest time in your social interactions you must make sure you nurture them in order for both parties to thrive. I seek for people to be inspiring and enjoyable so that the ROI in my social life is a reflection of wellness and abundance from them.
  4. Spiritual It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are and I think what makes it so special is that everyone is different. Its what brings people together, gives us hope, and gives us a sense of community because we all in a sense want general happiness in this life. When you invest time in your spiritual life the ROI is you feel centered spiritually, you will feel better about everything else in your life.
  5. Money and Wealth This category is what most people obsess over  People believe money is the root of all evil, but at the end of the day, it is a necessity for life. Are you buying more than you’re saving? Do you really need what you’re spending your monies on? We’re definitely happier when we have higher incomes and have the ability to build a lifestyle that’s desirable to us. Wealth measures how we manage our money. If we manage to make money well and keep the expenses low, the ROI will be wealth.

Most of us want overall happiness and to get there we need to look at the individual elements that contribute to it. Find some quiet time, carefully go through some of these areas in your life. Remember to track your inputs to determine what you’ve been doing has been working thus far or if you need to catch up to get to the big the picture of where you’d like to be.


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