Your Closet is About to be Poppin’!

Many celebrities such as Amber Rose, Adrienne Bailon, and Toya Wright have endorsed Fashion Nova and the most recent collaboration will be Cardi B.Fashion Nova is a clothing line based out of Los Angeles, California. This brand that popped out of nowhere but has taken 2018 by storm because it’s affordable and trendy.

rs_1080x1350-181030101728-1080x1350-Cardi-B-Fashion-Nova-1 If you’re familiar with Cardi B, you know she’s vocal when it comes to someone stopping her bags, fashion, or the struggle of being a new mom. When discussing fashion in interviews, she explains her love for Fashion Nova because it fits her like a glove and in a world of “you must be this size or you’re considered “fat”, all women of different shapes and sizes want to feel comfortable in what they wear. Cardi B is letting it be known that women want clothes that show off their figure the right way on a budget. Why spend your hard earned money on Louis Vuitton or Fendi when you can pay less and buy more?

In an interview with Ebro, Cardi explained why she’s excited about working with Fashion Nova, “I know that a lot of people cannot afford expensive shit. Nobody got $400, $500 for a damn shirt, so everything’s going to be affordable. I want people to look good, to look high end with a good budget price, and this is the perfect opportunity. So I’m excited about that.”


The “Money” rapper recently did a promotional video for her line with Fashion Nova telling us what we can expect which was to “look rich and affordable.”

Cardi B x Fashion Nova is set to launch on November 15, 2018, so make sure you get it before it sells out so and your girls are “poppin.”


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