Happy New Year: To rough starts and all!

I had an awful New Years Day, but I reflected on the past four New Years Days and I realized that I never really had a good one. As sad as that sounds, this is what actually made me feel better about yesterday.

On those previous New Year Days, I remember always looking forward to this big something happening on the day. Maybe a kiss to solidify something special or a large amount of money being deposited into my account. I don’t know something to just put a smile on my face, but nope. For some reason, I continuously come across the complete opposite.

At the beginning of the year, I usually spend it forgiving someone and myself. I heal from the pain I’ve inflicted on myself from choices I’ve made in the past year -as well as the pain others have caused me. I fast to hear from God as to find direction to the will He has for me. I’m forced to love myself again because there’s really no one around who wants to do that correctly. I have to learn to find gratitude for every little thing that happens in my life. I learn to detach from things and people because I know that nothing gold can stay.

When I did all those things, slowly but surely though, things started to look up. When I focused on myself, and the woman I wanted to be things changed. I met the right people at the right time. I graduated from school, I got a full-time job in a position I have my degree in, I traveled, began new projects and covered a large event. I realize that I experience these things at the beginning of the year in order to prepare for the rest of the year.



How you started isn’t how you have to finish.




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2 comments on “Happy New Year: To rough starts and all!

  1. Hope the rest of the year goes great for you even if the first day didn’t! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you could check my recent post out too!

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