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5 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Art

Are you an artist who sometimes feel as if you’re not doing enough to promote your artwork? Making sure that your work reaches people and potential buyers are crucial to achieving success from your produced work. Here are a few ways you can promote you with your art:
1. Build a reputation and a collector base in your hometown. Especially if you’re new to the fine art arena, so try reaching out to the art buyers in your local area. You want to get your name out there to the people. Don’t just end it there. It doesn’t hurt to ask event coordinators, local restaurants, bars, or other public spaces -would they mind you hanging up artwork for purchase. The goal is to make a mark within your community.
2. Use your portfolio. With this you should be building your brand and packaging your art, so make sure it is to your liking. Your portfolio is supposed to make it easier for you to submit to competitions, post on your website, and develop marketing material for social media.
3. Digital Marketing is a must. This is becoming more popular in business and it is no different in the art world. Check into submitting your art to online platforms -such as mine! I’d love to promote your work. On the other hand, using a website for yourself or your art is a must-have to create an online presence. Last, social media is another tool to build interest in your work as it evolves. Set up business accounts/pages on such sites as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
4. Compete. There are always art competitions available to enter and it’s a sure way for eyes to land on your work. They get your work in front of the important people like gallerists, curators, and editors, who can in turn positively impact you as an artist. Even if you don’t win, participating can get your work out there and is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain experience to build your resume.
5. Reach out to Musicians and Designers/Stylist. You could reach out to the big stars or the indie artist -they love the cool cover art for albums and singles. As for fashion curators, your art could be the inspo behind a dope T-shirt.

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