Barbie’s turning 60 and is now an Influencer

Okay Okay, so if you were into Barbie like me, you know that she doesn’t age – however, the business that created the pop culture icon, Mattel, turned 60 this year.

Barbie at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles’s Alexander Calder exhibit @barbiestyle/Instagram

Barbie’s “birthday” is March 9, 1959, and in 2014, Mattel created an Instagram account called @barbiestyle . It has about 2  million followers and it basically shows us how Barbie lives up to our adult fantasies: going to a Fashion Week, attending the Women’s Summits, staying at the Standard hotel.

The goal is to see Barbie as the same ole perfect girl we know: with the success, the man, the car but now they want to make her more relatable according to The Cut.

If I say so myself, she’s doing a hell of a lot better than most of us. Visit the Instagram account, is she more relatable to you as an influencer?

Barbie at Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year Summit @barbiestyle/Instagram