My Black History Month: Supporting Black-Owned, Taking Up a new Hobby, visiting Houston & More!

At the beginning of February, I told you guys that I would try my best to support local black-owned businesses in honor of Black History Month. Besides that, I’m trying my hand in photography, I stopped in to support a local creative on her book tour, and I even got to visit Houston.

In my hometown of Memphis, I did a lot of research to find we have a plethora of them and of course I had to tackle the food first. My first stop on the list was a restaurant called The Four Way and you’ll find it sits on a street in between Mississippi Blvd and Walker Street. The food was good ole southern, homemade cookin’ that I personally love. Inside you can find green chairs, pictures of visitors, family photos, collegiate pennants, and warm, smiling faces. Our waiter was very friendly, and the family who owns the restaurant came over to introduce themselves and check on us as well. My family seemed to really enjoy it and it’s definitely a restaurant I plan to visit again soon.

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe was anotherestaurantnt I found and that time I went with a coworker. It was pouring down raining, but we were in a pursuit to visit this little hidden gem in Midtown. It was very “home-like” and the food to me, was a kind of southern style, with menu options with cajun influences. I had a vegetable plate that had greens, yams, mac-n-cheese with crawfish and shrimp, cornbread, and I got fried-green tomatoes for a appetizer. We were definelty full and had to get to-go plates. The people were very friendly there and the food was worth the journey in the rain.

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In other forms of support, I went to Quiet Storm‘s book tour event at the Orange Mound Art Gallery. She did a live reading of excerpts from her new book Embracing the Journey and it was an incredible show. There was food, wine, performances, and her powerful voice that moved the crowd that night. That bottom right picture is me peeping that the camera’s on me.

My visit to Houston was probably the highlight of the month. I really needed the get-a-way and it was an opportunity to get better with my hand in photography with the help. I purchased a new Sony a5100 a little before Christmas and I just love that thing! I’m learning lighting, shutter speeds, ISO’s, like the whole nine yard and I’m going to be filming my first interview with an indie creative this weekend.

Houston had a cool market place called “Asia Town” where there were so many Asian-owned businesses in one community. I mean they had food, dessert places, banks, grocery stores, dance studios, massage parlors, a pharmacy, and so many other things -and it made me think: the black community should be doing this! What I loved about it the most is that even though they had a lot of the same businesses, you can tell the competition didn’t matter and they were still thriving.

In closing, a lot of choatic things had transpired in and throughout Black History Month -in pop culture, the news, and even my personal life. What did I learn?

If we don’t support our own, no one else will. 

What’s done in the dark will come to light.

Black people do have great customer service – we have bad days just like every other race.

Soy and Sea Salt Ice Cream is awesome!


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