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Symiah: Young Emerging Designer & Entrepreneur​ Talks Memphis Fashion Week and more!

“I am Symiah Saulsberry and I am passionate.”

Symiah Saulsberry is a 16-year-old, high school student who attends Houston High School in Memphis, TN. While most young girls her age are at into sports, ready for the weekends to be with friends, or probably dreaming about being older -she was preparing models to wear her designs at Memphis Fashion Week over the weekend.


Saulsberry is a self-taught seamstress who has been making clothes for a little over two years now. She began her first business at 11 where she sold hairbows to classmates, from then, she’s moved to designing clothing, creating athletic wear, and owning her own business.

“As a young girl, I always felt that I had an eye for fashion. As the love for it grew, I decided to pursue sewing,” she said.

Signature Sports, her athletic apparel line, came about in February 2018. The line features performance headbands and she recently added durags to her collection. She said the idea came about after doing the same apparel for some time, and eventually, she felt like she wanted to switch things up.

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“My brothers  -one older, one younger, are very involved in sports. One day they complained about how sweat would constantly get in their faces. As a result, I created these sweatbands. That business continues to grow in ways unimaginable,” Symiah said.

2Symiah describes being young and owning a business as an amazing feeling because it has allowed her to have a clear vision and have created aspirations for her future. At some point, she said she would like to expand that business and open stores across the world.

As far as Memphis Fashion Week, Saulsberry was one of the youngest to enter its Emerging Designer Runway show at the Crosstown Concourse. She won the competition with two designs that she describes as “bold statements, eye-catching looks”. Kind of like her fashion icon Rihanna.

Symiah at Memphis Fashion Week

“My designs support my slogan, “Don’t Just Wear It, Own It”.

Symiah has big plans after high school that includes pursuing Fashion at a design school in either Atlanta, California and New York. She believes the key at being successful in her years to come is to set goals.

When she shares her young age with people, they are often surprised how determined she is when it comes to her future. She said she’d like to inspire her peers to realize they aren’t too young to be great and their dreams can come true.

Check out her designs on the Memphis Fashion Week runway below.

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