Ultimate Morning Start Routine for a Positive & Productive Day

For some of you, the morning can be a struggle, but following a morning routine can set intentions for a positive and productive day. I normally get up and begin getting dressed at about 6:30 am everyday, but I began my morning routine at 6:00 am. After doing this for a while, I began to start waking up even earlier than that -which means more time to set more intentions for the day.

6:00 am

Drink a glass/bottle of water. Drinking water when you first wake up has many benefits. Most sources recommend drinking 16oz of water right after you wake up because it fires up your metabolism, it flushes out toxins, improves your complexion, and aids in weight loss. We are asleep for about 8 hours, so it is very important to rehydrate your body before you take on the day.

6:05 am Quick Breakfast, Brush teeth

Pray or Meditate. I pray every morning before I start my day. I learned a rhyme in preschool and I’ve prayed that prayer ever since. I said “or meditate” when in fact I do both. I sit in silence for about 5-10 mins to just reflect on what I’m grateful for, to visualize what I want to accomplish on that day, and to thank God for the sun to remind us that today is a new day.

6:15 am Open the Blinds

Read or Write. After I pray/meditate, I usually read a devotional from a Bible plan or an article from my News App. If I’m not reading for the morning, I may jot down some bullets, what I’m thinking about, write about something I read,  or just draw in my journal. I read to inform myself and to wake up my brain, but I write to aware myself of what I’m thinking or feeling for the day.

6:30 Get Dressed, Positive Affirmations in the mirror

Talk to a Positive Person Before Work. I do this driving on my way to work, usually with a Facetime call. When I discussed my morning routines with friends, I found that they struggled with finding a positive friend who gets up as early. The person I call on is usually half asleep when I call but they answer. I truly believe there is someone that will get up for you. It doesn’t have to be someone special, it can be a stranger. It doesn’t have to be a long phone call like mine, but it could be a quick DM, an email, text, video chat or whatever! Just before you get your actual day started, talk to someone who you know will give words of encouragement or will speak life into you. Don’t be selfish, make sure you’re reciprocating that energy.

This is my current morning routine, but you are more than welcome to tweak this morning routine to what best fits your needs. Whatever you do in the morning, sets the tone for the day. If you mess up, don’t freak out -just try again the next day.

“Life begins each morning.”




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