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Female Rap is Bringing a Cruel Summer| Playlist Included

 The impressive variety of new and up-and-coming women rising into the hip-hop arena brings about unity, positivity, and confidence to all of us. This class of rapping women is giving voice and breaking all theories by sharing their progressive lyrics, non-binary sexuality, and autonomous imagery into a genre ruled by men.

2018 made it seem like there wasn’t enough room for many to rule in this environment mainstream, but there are now dozens of unique, rule-breaking, bar-spitting, and provocative female rappers making waves just in time for the summer.

via Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Atlantic Records                                                                           Maliibu Miitch, Rico Nasty, Tierra Whack and Bri Steves

The hypersexual, slick mouth bops are in due to rappers making hits like “Act Up” from The City Girls, Megan Thee Stallion’s hit “Big Ole Freak”, and the many singles that Cardi B has dropped that have made her the second female rapper to have a single on Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks in a row. We all know, or should at least thank Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, or Lil Kim for these ladies have paved the way for to be sexy, talk raunchy, and feel empowered at the same time. As women, it is commonly forgotten that there are also other sides to us. We need our balance where our laid-back lyricist comes in. Ladies like Noname, Little Simz,  and Rhapsody take the reins when it comes to flowing and telling stories.


Visually, I see inspirations from Missy Elliot’s classic music videos in the new class. Rappers like Rico Nasty, Tierra Whack, and Leikeli47 affirm that we are free to flourish how we want to when it comes to our art. Black women need to see other black women like them, and we need to see them love themselves. A great example is Lizzo and CupcakKe who gracefully stomp on body-shaming and slut-shaming in their music. They know these concepts and attitudes show up in our society and obviously in Hip-Hop.

We haven’t had a diverse group of female rappers since the millennium era and I am extremely glad about it. There is still progress to be made where we must stop pitting women in this genre against one another, or ignoring them entirely because of their content or what they look like. It’s time to embrace them all.  I’m ready to hear another “Ladies Night” single, are you?

I didn’t name your favorite female rapper? Check the playlist and if I need to check someone out, comment below!







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