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Not Sharing Your Ideas Stunts Your Creativity

As creatives, we can probably all agree that we share a lot in common with one another. We may be bloggers, photographers, painters, stylist, influencers and if you scroll on any timeline, you’ll find other bloggers, photographers, painters, stylists, and influencers too. The industry involving creativity is built on ideas, and unless someone is helping us with our project we’re not very good at sharing with other creatives. Why is this?

Fear that your project is not good enough is a pretty accurate answer. We are afraid of negative feedback and we seek validation from others (which is not conducive to us as creatives). We are also very much terrified of people stealing our ideas or that if they add anything to it that it’s not ours anymore.

In reality, the more we talk about our ideas and projects aloud, the more the idea comes to life. You’ll be able to pitch, present, and articulate them better. It opens a door to exchange with other creatives who will then value you and eventually share ideas with you.

Seek out a select few creatives that you can trust to give you legitimate advice you can use. You can choose the brains from different industries especially to help you finalize finished work, but they can bring fresh ideas to the table as well. It’s important to get people who can focus on the work rather than the person who created it.

Don’t stunt your creative flow by trying to hold back. If no one is stealing your ideas, you’re not creating enough. Make more today!




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