Don’t Bring This to the Cookout

Being from the “Souf”, we hold BBQ’s and cookouts as tradition and it can be one of the best food experiences of summer. Family and friends all come together to bring something to the table, but we know there’s always that one person that should probably just stick to drinks and ice. Here’s a list of things that we don’t want you to bring to the cookout.


Potato Salad Especially if it is store-bought! I think we should leave the elders with experience and approval to make it. Yes, you need a certification to bring this. If you decide to make it and bring it, please know that if it sucks you may not be invited next time. If it’s not your cookout and you’re A guest save yourself the embarrassment. Oh, and don’t you dare add cranberries and raisins.

New recipes Y’all please try them first! (Not that I’m not guilty of this myself.) I mean don’t just make it at home and bring it. Cook it for your grandma, then your mama, and then your Aries friend because you don’t want people talking about you. At least don’t cook the main dish everyone is looking forward to or everyone may be assed-out.

Leftovers Thank the Lord above that I’ve never seen nobody do this! You should get beat up if you bring something you made the other day to the cookout.

Extra People If it’s not your house, don’t bring anybody extra if you haven’t gotten the “okay”. Not only is it rude, but there could possibly not be enough room or food for your guest, and you sure don’t want nobody giving you or your guest any ugly looks.

Nothing Before I go anywhere, I try to ask “Do you need anything?” especially if I don’t plan on cooking. Don’t go anywhere empty handed if someone is letting you feast. I’m not saying that you gotta provide steak and ribs, but like I said at least bring some ice or Big K drinks. Another idea is to lend a helping hand in the kitchen -you may even learn how to make that potato salad.








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