My Story: How I Got into Blogging

My grandmother taught me how to write my name in cursive in a Bible she gave me in preschool. Thanks to her, the feeling that comes over when a black, ball-point pen is in my hand, is the same feeling I get when I hear my acrylics tapping my keyboard.


Old Notebooks of Mine

As a child, I’ve always written short stories, scripts, songs, poems, and essays; and as I got older, my interests in dance, art, and music began to reign in my mind. I mean I  had journals, spiral notebooks, and pens everywhere full of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. In high school, I realized that it was crunch time in choosing a college major and I had to figure out what it was I wanted to do. I chose a journalism avenue and my dream jobs were to work for Vogue or E! News.


Social Media was (and still is) a huge factor in how I began blogging. I met a good friend from Twitter who I called “Key”.  She was funny and interested in the same things I was, so in 2013 we created a blog called “Goal Diggers“. As you can see, it was rough -but I still use some of the same concepts for the site you’re looking on right now. Can you see any similarities? Anywho, we eventually changed the name to “Urban Royals”, we then added more bloggers,  plus we all had our own separate blogs as well. I then created “Miss Pop Culture“(peep the bad grammar and spelling) in 2015, but shortly after, I completely stop writing due to depression.

-PAXP-deijE-8Fast-forward to 2017, I got back into a better, healthier mindset thanks to a friend who opened my eyes and ears when it came down to creativity. I began doing much better in school, I was mentally healthy again, and I wanted to get back to my first love: writing.  Since high school, I’ve referred to myself online as “MsNiseyBaby” – I think I got it from hearing Keri Hilson’s adlibs in that song Turning Me On, and she was always saying “Ms. Keri Baby”. I branded my name, made goals, created color schemes, planned, reached out to creatives, got to travel with my blog, and meet some super cool people -all within the first year of staring MSNISEYBABY.COM.

I was A LOT more vocal about things I posted online when I was younger, but today thanks to my career in Marketing and Freelancing (yes, I changed my major twice before figuring it out!), I’m learning that sometimes because I have an opinion doesn’t mean I have to share it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be Nisey and say what needs to be said because keep in mind I’m a creative and I’m sensitive about my shit.

Thank God for GROWTH.


About Nisey

25. Aries. Hi there, owner and editor-in-chief of here! When I'm not blogging, I'm working as a​ Marketing & Social Media Manager, visiting a nice restaurant to take pictures of my food, or spending time with family and friends to make special memories. Follow me on IG @_msniseybaby or the site's IG @msniseybaby

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