Travis Frey. 31 York, Pennsylvania. Father of 2 beautiful girls and my hobbies are writing, basketball, fitness, classic R&B music.




Sincerely Brit B., 28 New Castle, DE. I have a creative mind which drives me to dabble in a few multiple areas of art. I’ve loved reading since a child which helped me find my own unique voice within the writer community. Frequent flier miles and a passport is something you’ll always catch me for I have the wanderlust bug, especially being a culture junky. I am also the most open-minded person you could meet, it truly takes a whole lot to surprise me. Follow her IG @DiaryofaSerialDater & @_Sincerely_BritB.

HeadShot.jpgCrownlessHeir. I am a writer who wants to break the stigma around the word Christian. I have 26 years on this earth, with more coming if there’s time. I love to analyze anime, books, and movies. Whenever I can, I like to explore the truths of the Bible in entertainment. I love conversing on the topics of truth and the secrets of life. You can find me lost in thought or talking to God at If you’d like to join in the conversation HMU at


20180510_075324Evelyn Davis, I’m 23 years old. I’m originally from New Orleans, but due to a natural disaster named Hurricane Katrina, I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the past ten years and counting. My hobbies include: reading and writing poetry, fiction, and drama,  watching anime and k-drama. As a writer, I like to be open-minded to any topics that spark a fire inside myself to write. My interest involves lifestyle posts, opinion posts, beauty and fashion areas. In my free time, I’m currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Library Science, while building my Freelance Writing Profile.